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set design

In high school, I was given the opportunity to design and build multiple sets for shows including Hello Dolly, See How They Run, and Shrek the Musical. This fueled my passion for scenic design and is one of the reasons why I am minoring in it now!

Shrek the musical

Canceled due to Covid in 2020 and then reborn as Shrek the Musical Jr in 2021, the production was meant to be even bigger than what is seen here. Nonetheless, large set pieces including Farquaad's castle and Fiona's tower filled the stage creating a dramatic background for most scenes. In designing the show, I created numerous technical drawings detailing every measurement, material, and finish, which was much more in-depth than any other previous show at the high school.


See how they run

This box set was designed as a British vicarage in the 1940s and was built for the straight-show production of See How They Run in the Fall of 2019. A great deal of effort was put into covering everything with wallpaper and painting the stage to resemble wood flooring.


Hello dolly

The first set I had ever designed was for the large production of Hello Dolly in the Spring of 2019. This really began my go big or go home attitude as each set piece was at least 14' high and on its own individual wagons.

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